January To-Do List

19 01 2010

It’s hard to believe that 2009, and the first decade of the new millennium, are over. It’s almost strange to think, but I started playing WoW only a year ago. In one year, I’ve gone from 1-80, become an officer in my guild and a part of the core raid team, become (relatively) competent at PvP, and much, much more. It’s been a great year, and as usual, I’ll look at my list for last month:

  1. Get the Mechano-hog – Done
  2. Kill Anub’arak in ToC 25 – Ditto
  3. Hit 1650 in 2s – Done in time for the month’s end
  4. Defeat 3/4 bosses in ICC – Surprisingly enough, we went 4/4

December was the first month that I actually achieved every one of my goals. Getting the ‘hog and the Anub’arak kill on the same day was great, and the 1650 rating got me a Battlemaster’s trinket, which has saved my life on countless occassions. I was a little surprised by how well ICC went, given the beating we took in Ulduar, but the difficulty of the raid is starting to ramp up. And now, the first goals of 2010:

  1. 1750 in 2s
  2. Go 7/7 in ICC

… Yeah, that’s actually it. I’ve got my mount, I haven’t missed a random dungeon yet, and I’m well on my way through Ashen Verdict rep. So far, I’m past 1800 in 2s and we’re 6/7 in ICC. I’m pumped for our last couple weeks, and the attempts we’ll be putting in Putricide.




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