Week(s) in Review: Challenger Sayis

29 01 2010

Yeesh, I have a few Shaman-related posts written up but nothing me-related. In the past couple weeks, a lot has happened, but the title says it all: I’m a Challenger! Very cool, especially because I was only doing 3’s casually. I’ll get to that eventually; in the meantime, back to the start of the summary.

I’ll pick up where I left off, waaaaay back last Friday. That was a weekend full of PvP, and the last before the season’s end. With time running out, not only did I get enough rating for Challenger, I hit 1800 in 2s Friday night. 1800. Wow. I never thought I’d see the day, but, after some furious honor-grinding Saturday, I was kicking back and enjoying my new Relentless weapon and shield.

My Relentless weapon and shield. Snazzy.

Sunday’s raid saw us down Rotface, but our attempts on Putricide were underwhelming and we called it for the night. On Monday I ground up the last bit of rating that would ensure the Challenger title, and Tuesday had little of note. Wednesday, we were back in ICC 10 for our weekly raid and we cleared the usual, Rotface included. I got lucky when the Boots of the Frozen Seed dropped, and our druid wasn’t around to pick them up, making me the first in line. With the boots, the non-mail pieces I’m wearing is up to 3. Come on, Blizzard, show me some Elemental Shaman love! Moving on, our few Putricide attempts were washes, and the raid was called. Thursday was BG-tastic, since I was trying to get honor capped in anticipation of the upcoming season. Friday was pretty cool, since I decided rather spontaneously to lead an ICC 25 PuG. At 1 am. Things actually went really well, and we one-shot every boss until a wipe-fest on Saurfang, where we ended up calling it. The shield dropped, and someone else rolled a 96. I sighed, and then /rolled a 95. “Crushed” would have been a great way to describe the feeling. I did, however, win one very important piece of gear; I’d say even more important than my shield. The Ring of Rapid Ascent was a huge upgrade to my Ulduar 25 ring, and since every single caster wants it, it was huge to win it. I’ll be getting plenty of use out of it, and I’ll probably be using that until the end of Wrath. Good stuff. Saturday, it was back to the BG grind, and Sunday, we stepped back into ICC to kill Putricide.

It went horribly.

When I say horribly, I do in fact mean horribly. We were just straight up… bad. People weren’t switching quickly, others ran toward the brown slime rather than away, and we used up every one of our attempts without getting him below 50%. Yeesh. It wouldn’t be as bad if the fight didn’t seem downright simple coming off of Rotface. With the raid over, we resolved to try again next week, and I went to bed that night feeling rather defeated.

This week has been much better. Despite the arena season’s delay, the Challenger title (which I got with Tuesday’s reset) has kept me content, and I’m honor capped at last. In addition, yesterday’s raid went way better than our prior run. We one-shotted every boss, and took out Rotface in a few tries; I’m really getting the hang of kiting the slime around. As for Putricide, well, we haven’t gotten him yet. But our first attempts of the night were completely different. Everyone switched when they needed to and worked together, and we got him to 36% before wiping after one of our healers dc’d. I’m confident that this Sunday, we’ll take him down. Last night I joined a ToC 25 raid that was pretty awful, and we called it on the Twins after a couple hours of raiding. The cape I was looking for, as usual, didn’t drop.

So, the past two weeks have been good. Some new gear, new experiences and a new title. Putricide looks like he’s gonna drop this Sunday, and I hope my pants drop too.

Pun intentional.




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