ICC: Where’s the Loot?

31 01 2010

This is going to be a bit ranty, but here goes. A long, long while back, I remember reading a post by Ghostcrawler or one of the other Blues. It basically said that ToC wasn’t great loot-wise because there were only 5 bosses, so they didn’t have a lot of room to spread the loot around. With ICC, well, problem solved: we’d have  bosses galore! I took that to mean “hey, Elemental Shamans, guess what? You’ll finally get some gear!”

I thought wrong.

I’ve come to accept that Elemental mail is pretty sparse, but come on, it’s getting a little ridiculous now. I know that yeah, I’m not in a 25 man guild, so I don’t have access to mail from there, but… seriously. There are currently zero well-itemized mail bracers or boots in any WotLK 10-man raids. Think about that… if you didn’t take cloth or leather, or run 25-mans, you’d be screwed, and forced to take resto gear instead. It’s not much better for belts and capes, and jeez, I didn’t even replace my Naxx-25 weapon throughout the entirety of Ulduar! Icecrown, to be fair, does have a few pieces of Elemental mail. They are, unfortunately, pants, gloves, and shoulders.

The exact gear you’ll be replacing with tier. And on top of this,  the first piece drops from Professor Putricide. If your guild can’t clear up through that, well… enjoy a long grind using only Frost Emblems.

Granted, Blizzard has finally thrown Ele Shamans a bone with some craftable mail boots, and mail we can buy with emblems that *gasp* is correctly itemized! I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that it’s the first piece of emblem mail for us that doesn’t suck. It’s just frustrating that I’ve already had to resort to getting leather for an upgrade, and that there’s been a boatload of mail for Enhancement and Resto. Argh. Anyway, I feel it’s my duty to list the loot that is in ICC 10 for Elemental Shamans. For mail options, look out for:

Rippling Flesh Kilt – Leggings, from Putricide.
Stormbringer Gloves – Gloves, from Valithria Dreamwalker.
Lich Wrappings – Cloak, from Valithria Dreamwalker.
Shoulderguards of Crystalline Bone – Shoulders, from Sindragosa.

There are, of course, plenty of non-mail options

Sister’s Handshrouds – Cloth hands, from Lady Deathwhisper
Boots of the Frozen Seed – Leather boots, from Lady Deathwhisper
Icecrown Spire Sandals – Cloth boots, from Deathbringer Saurfang
Kilt of Untreated Wounds – Cloth leggings, from Festergut
Ether-Soaked Bracers – Cloth bracers, from Rotface
Cauterized Cord – Cloth belt, from Putricide.
Shoulders of Ruinous Senility – Cloth shoulders, from Putricide
Cowl of Malefic Repose – Cloth helm, from Blood Queen Lana’thel
Robes of Azure Downfall – Cloth chest, from Sindragosa

As for trinkets, rings, necklaces, and weapons, we’ve got:

Soulcleave Pendant – Necklace, from Deathbringer Saurfang
Pendant of Split Veins – Necklace, from Putricide
Cerise Coiled Ring – Ring, from the Blood Prince Council
Muradin’s Spyglass – Trinket from the Gunship Battle
Bleak Coldarra Carver – Dagger, from Sindragosa

That should sum it all up! Taking a look at the loot, it’s obviously pretty sparse for mail. A few things to mention; I’d recommend the necklace from Saurfang over Putricide, due to the gem slot difference, and the fact that hit/crit pales in comparison to haste/crit, especially now that we’ve got plenty of hit items available. If you have the money or time, I’d recommend trying to get the Battered Hilt, since the only decently itemized dagger is pretty far in, and once again, it’s a hit/crit weapon. You’ll also notice there’s no shield; try to join an ICC 25 PuG, since our BiS shield drops off Marrowgar. So, good luck and good hunting… you’ll need it.




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