Good News, Everyone! We Killed Professor Putricide!

2 02 2010

The weekend I lead a mediocre ICC 25 run, ran some BGs, fished, and most importantly: downed Professor Putricide. Yeah, we finally got our act together and took out everyone’s favorite Futurama-themed boss over the weekend. My leggings were nowhere to be seen, but there’s always next time and I’m confident we can make it a repeat performance. Our experience afterward with the Blood Prince Council was a good one, and we got them to 150k health on our best attempt. Arthas won’t be waiting long at this rate!

I started off the weekend leading another late-night ICC 25 on Friday. Unfortunately, this week the raid was much, much sloppier, in part because of our healers being terrible (despite having the achievements and gear) and people being annoying in Vent. One of our tanks wouldn’t stop talking, making it that much harder to lead the raid, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that the non-guild healers I’d gotten were pretty awful. During our Marrowgar attempts, which ended up being a two-shot, at least one tank seemed to be perpetually close to dying, and it always seemed iffy if someone got heals whilst spiked. Deathwhisper was better, as we two-shotted only because of some bad luck on the first try. But the Gunship Battle… oh, the Gunship Battle. We wiped it up because the healers I assigned to jump over didn’t jump over.What. Deathbringer Saurfang was a no-go like last week, due to poor heals and a lack of DPS. Argh. I have to say, part of the blame for the raid is on my shoulders; after awhile, the annoying-ness got to me and I stopped caring how the raid went, which is pretty much the opposite of what a raid lead should do. Next week’s resolution: don’t lose heart, no matter how annoyed I am. ICC left a sour taste in my mouth, and afterwards I did a quick all-guildies random, and that was the end of my night.

On Saturday I did some BGs and fishing to replenish my mats for Fish Feasts, followed by some Howling Fjord quests to get me closer to Seeker. On Sunday we went back to ICC, but that wasn’t the only thing going on. I’ve been hated by the Steamwheedle Cartel for months now, and I’ve just started to get back on their good side. Point in case: I’m no longer hated by Ratchet, or Booty Bay, which allowed me to enter into my first Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza ever. I got stomped, catching only 23 fish by the time somebody else grabbed 40, but it was still cool to be able to try. I also got killed by a Fire Mage, then released, equipped my weapons, and took revenge. He got me again whilst fishing… yeah. This contest could be harder to win than I thought. Afterwards I got my Mechanical Chicken when I finally turned in the last OOX quest I’d had for months, since I could finally re-enter Booty Bay safely! I did some fishing and cooking and then logged off for a few hours before the raid.

Like I said before, we finally killed the Professor. After clearing trash up to him, we tried a new way of killing the oozes… basically, the ranged would stand at max range from where the oozes spawned. Because of that, we were able to burn for about 5-6 seconds while they chose a target. If it went on a melee or healer, great; they were further away, and ranged DPS could just burn it down. If it went on a ranged DPS, still fine, since we could stack, melee could run over, and we’d get hit but survive. The real problem became our transition into Phase 3, and our subsequent survival. The first few times we made it that far, we did so just as a brown slime would spawn. With our off-tank out of the Abombination, we were unable to slow it, and had to try to burn it/not die. That also meant less time killing Putricide, and each time we went to Phase 3 with an add, we wiped. Our last two attempts exposed the problem of kiting the boss; once, we simply ran out of space, and had to run through an increasingly-narrow gap between two expanding slime puddles. Once we were in the clear, we had so little space that we were eventually standing in slime, and once he tossed down another puddle, well, game over. On our kill, it was incredibly hairy, as we were standing in about a 10-yard radius around the boss in the only slime-free area in the room. Our tank’s health was jumping up and down by 15k at a time, and we finished Putricide off just in time. Wow, what a fight. My kilt didn’t drop, and I ended up passing on the caster necklace that did; I’m holding out for the better-itemized Soulcleave Pendant, since hit/crit and a blue socket aren’t really my thing.

Afterwards, we went on to the Blood Prince Council, where I ended up switching to PvP spec, strapping on some gear and tanking Keleseth. It looks like I’ve become our dedicated Ranged Tank, and it’s a role I’m starting to like more and more. Our attempts were good, mostly; I was stacking orbs like crazy, and my guildies were pulling ones on the other side of the room to me, which was cool. Still when he starts casting his Empowered Shadow Bolts… hoo boy. Not having enough orbs is bad news bears, since I got nailed for 20k by one. I’m glad to have my Battlemaster’s Trinket & Stoneclaw Totem to help me (and the healers) out. Our only real snag (besides keeping our tanks alive) came with the Kinetic Bombs and our melee DPS avoiding the AOE effects. By the end of the night, though, our ranged DPS were doing much better handling the bombs, and the melee were surviving much more consistently. The next time we face them, I think we’ve got a good chance of victory.

On Monday, I only logged on to do a random. It was H UK, where I ended up facing, of course, Prince Keleseth in his 5-man variety. Ironic. More importantly, today marks the start of the new Arena season and a buff for Elemental Shamans! FINALLY!




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