ICC and Arena. Lots of Arena.

18 02 2010

Hoo boy. Between school, my social life and WoW, I haven’t written a blog post in forever. In the last two weeks, Arena Season 8 started, and I promptly cashed in my emblems for the new Wrathful gear. A caveat: it doesn’t require any arena rating. So now, anyone can get into Wrathful gear without having a team. Along with the ease of gathering Triumph badges, this means that someone fresh to arena can have a full Furious set, and all Wrathful and Relentless offpieces. The only thing they’d be missing would be weapons. I’m a little bit resentful of the change… after all, I had to put a ton of time into arenas to get my Battlemaster’s trinket, not to mention all of the offset pieces. Now, anyone can get a better version doing only BGs. Argh. Enough about arena, though, since it wasn’t all that went on over the last two weeks. I’ll be doing this post a bit differently; dividing up one half into PvE, and the other generalizing my PvP experiences in the last two weeks.

Last Wednesday, we had our weekly ICC 10. Beforehand, though, I got together enough Emblems of Frost to get my t10 helm. One word: badass. I am so, so happy to have glowing eyes again. Gone is the over-sized t9 helm, back is a correctly fitted headpiece of bone and glow and antlers and awesome. Very chill. We killed Razorscale with ease for the weekly, and then raced through ICC. We one-shotted every boss up to Rotface, then killed him in a few tries, then one-shotted Putricide! It was a much cleaner kill than Sunday, with kiting going well and everybody working together perfectly. The Blood Princes, however, still don’t want to die. Our best attempt got them to 200k health before we wiped because of a kinetic bomb exploding and me getting pegged by an Empowered Shadow Bolt at the same time. Ouch. We didn’t get a chance to get them later because of Super Bowl Sunday, but we all left satisfied with our progress. Loot-wise, my Soucleave Pendant dropped, but it went to our pally healer instead. I’m next in line, so hopefully I’ll see it again soon. I also ran two successful VoA runs that took out Toravon on our first tries, although nothing dropped for me.

I ended up having to miss Wednesday’s raid, and instead joined an ICC 10 PuG on Thursday night. It was surprisingly good, and we ended up getting to Rotface before we had to call it for the night. The best raid of the week was actually on Saturday, when I joined an ICC 25 PuG that needed a single Shaman. It was a great decision, as we one-shot every single boss in the first quarter, including Saurfang, getting me the achievement for clearing the first four on 25-man. The necklace dropped from the Gunship Battle, which I didn’t win, and a Mark of the Protector dropped.

I won it with a 93.

Very. Very. Clutch. The raid ended up being unable to down any bosses afterwards due to low DPS, but I had no complaints whatsoever. I turned in the Mark for my Sanctified shoulders. Crunching the numbers, upgrading my helm would have been a better choice, but goddamn do those shoulders look cool. I’d like to eventually be in full Sanctified gear, and this was a nice step towards making it happen. Even better, I managed to both of the raid weekly quests, and those, along with the two weekly VoAs and a raid weekly I joined, mean I’ll have enough emblems to buy my tier assuming our raid tonight goes well. If my kilt finally drops, I’ll be lookin’ very legit. Here’s hoping!

My Sanctified t10 Shoulders... very icy, very blue.

PvP-wise, well, let’s just say there’s been a lot of it. Since the season started, I’ve reached 1650+ on both my 2s and 3s teams, with a few hundred matches played. I’ve also accrued enough honor with BG farming, Stone Keeper Shards, and Wintergrasp Marks to get the new shoulders from Wintergrasp, Wrathful Necklace, Cloak, Bracers, and the new Medallion of the Horde. With my new changes, I’ve got way more resilience (1140, compared to around 900) and I’m doing better damage to boot. I’ve also earned Wintergrasp Veteran with 100 WG wins, and I got Quick Cap and Ironman from Warsong Gulch today.

As far the actual PvP is going, well, it’s good. I’ve been running Ele Sham/Disc Priest/Unholy DK, and it’s a pretty decent comp. My tactics have changed drastically since the start of the season; I’ve been purging more, DPS-ing less, and trying to line-of-sight much more. This is because, as a Shaman, I’m often the one getting focused on. That means I often don’t have time to do much more than throw off Purges, Shocks, and the occasional Lava Burst/Chain Lightning. I don’t believe the Resilience/healing nerf have done anything, since burst damage is still ridiculous. 2s-wise, we’re still doing well, but the limitations of Disc Priest/Ele Sham are becoming all-too-apparent. It’s one of the reasons I’m focusing more on 3s this season. Maybe in Cataclysm we’ll see a change, but I’m not holding my breath.

My Relentless-style Shoulders, courtesy of the new vendor in Wintergrasp.

All in all, the focus I’ve had the last two weeks has been on Arena, and grinding honor so I’ll have better gear to PvP with. Getting a Paladin to 29 health and then watching him bubble is dandy, but I’d prefer it if he ended up dead instead. I also got the Love Fool title from the Love is in the Air event, and I’ve made some baby steps towards doing the Lunar Festival achievements, which I plan to do this year. I’m looking forward to more Arena, raiding, and of course, my fourth piece of t10, which’ll get me that much closer to topping charts and looking like a badass. Life is good!




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