Putting Down the Princes

20 02 2010

Wednesday’s raid went, obviously, really well. After hitting up Naxx10 for the raid weekly, we one-shot every boss in the first quarter, as usual. The Soulcleave Pendant dropped again, and this time, I won! Moving on, we one-shot Festergut and two-shotted Rotface and Putricide. Kind of a big deal for my guild, since each week, we’re moving through ICC faster and faster, and scoring cleaner and cleaner kills. Last week, we managed to defeat the first seven bosses in three hours; this week, it only took us two. This was due to a much cleaner Rotface kill, since I’m no longer in charge of cleansing and kiting, making the latter much easier to focus on. In addition to all of this, I finally got enough badges together for my fourth piece of t10. I grabbed the chest, and, in hindsight, should have looked at the stats before doing so; unlike my t9 chestpiece, there’s no hit on it. I swung by my bank quickly, and dusted off my Elemental Focus Stone, something I haven’t used since Ulduar. At the same time, I ran some numbers using ZAP and determined that, courtesy of brute ilvl, my Wrathful cloak was my new best choice. My next purchase with Frost Emblems will either be the Waistband of Despair or Maghia’s Misguided Quill, now that I need the hit. In the meantime, I’m basking in the glow of the new gear; the four piece bonus is a very subtle DPS boost. As for the Blood Princes, well, tonight everything finally came together. I got to be our ranged tank again, and had no problems with damage throughout the fight. With a flask and my new Wrathful gear giving me a boost, I actually had around 31k health; crazy. While gathering orbs, I avoided using Flame Shock to pick them up, for fear that the DoT ticks would reduce their uptime. With our Hunter misdirecting to me, and our Rogue using Tricks of the Trade, I was also able to hold aggro when everybody switched to Kelseth. Upon finishing the fight, I was pleasantly surprised to see us get The Orb Whisperer as well; I guess I did my job right. Loot-wise, I got a nice Resto cloak, which I’ll actually be using for my Ele set too until I can get a better one. Afterwards, due to late-ness and our MT having internet trouble we ended up calling it, and I descended into doing 3s for the rest of the night.

My t10 chestpiece. Now, to do something about those damn purple pants...

Man, 3s. Our rating started off at 1667 for the night. Around two, three hours later when we called it: 1667. We hit a low point of around 1620, and a high point in the low 1700s. We’ve been making progress with 3s, though, and it’s fun to try to improve our play-style. Getting 1800 in 3s might have to wait for awhile, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some 2s matches in to close the gap there. It’s a long season, though, and I’ve got plenty of time; no need to rush too much. Thursday, the only thing that went on was a random and a couple BGs. That’ll probably change this weekend though, as I’m aiming to get my last Wrathful piece and keep pushing towards an 1800 rating. Onwards!




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5 03 2010
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