New Belt, New Shield, New Alt

23 02 2010

So, the last few days have been pretty eventful. I’ve seen some success in 2s and 3s, joined a good ICC 25 PuG, and even started a new alt, a hunter, which I think I’m going to try to stick with. I’m going to be trying something else that’s kind of cool… I’m taking a screenshot for every new piece of gear I get, from 1-80, and recording the name, level, and location and I got it at. Hopefully, I’ll transition from scrubby to superb by the end!

Thursday, I only ran a few instances. Friday, however, was packed. With WSG as the holiday, I was queing up for that and doing little else. Incredibly, I got my 25,000th kill… wow. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that I’ve accumulated so many, or the fact that I’m already at 26,000. Anyway, I put in a couple of 2s matches on Friday, one of which I’d have to say ranks as our best ever. We went up against a Mage/Disc Priest on the Dalaran Sewers, which is one of the better 2s comps. Our match ended up lasting 26 minutes. Twenty. Six. Both our teams weren’t making any mistakes… on our side, I was keeping the correct totems down, we were line-of-sighting properly, I was getting broken out of polys, and doing some Hexing of my own. For them, they were keeping us pretty CC’d, line-of-sighting, and avoiding too much burst damage. Both our priests tried to mana burn, only to be line-of-sighted, CC’d, or forced to switch because of damage. And both ended up drinking, several times. Courtesy of my Water Shield and Thunderstorm, which I glyphed for a 10 second reduced cooldown, I didn’t go oom, but ended up hovering around 2k mana the entire fight. Finally, at around the 24 minute mark, the break we needed came. Both the Mage/Priest focused on my partner, trying to bring him down, and I saw my opportunity: the enemy Priest was on the offense, leaving his defenses down. I popped Mastery, interrupted a heal, and managed to burn him down before he could save himself… the Mage went down soon afterwards. It was a hard fought, utterly satisfying match. Afterwards, I did a VoA 10, where my Resto legs dropped. I didn’t win, although I don’t plan on healing so it wasn’t a big deal. Afterwards, I helped a friend gem up properly, and did some late-nite 3s and BGs, ending at 1707 rating for the night.

On Saturday, the BG farming continued as I tried to put 68k honor together for my Wrathful Belt, the last piece I need. In the evening, I joined a PuG for ICC 25, and it ended up being pretty intense. I found out soon after joining that they were one of the better guilds on Executus, and it showed. There wasn’t too much messing around, and everyone was geared; one of the loot rules was, if you don’t deserve it, you won’t get it. Well, fine… I just had to make sure I was bringing my A-game. We strove up to Marrowgar, took him out in a one-shot, and bam… the Bulwark of Smouldering Steel dropped. The first person rolled an 89; I sighed, and typed in my /roll. 97. Yeah! The raid leader checked over the damage meters, and it showed that I was in the top six for DPS, and third place for switching to spikes. He looted me the shield, and a pally in his guild almost rage quit when he saw it; didn’t want it going to “another bad Shaman.” His guildies pacified him, and we continued. Deathwhisper was a three-shot, the Gunship was a one-shot, and Saurfang went down in two. Another chill thing: I got the I’ve Gone and Made a Mess achievement on Saurfang, a testament to our raid not sucking. My Mark dropped, but a hunter rolled a 100, and after offering him 6k g, I was informed that the bidding was up to 6.8. Wow. I was just happy to have the shield, though, and after doing the Plague Quarter raid weekly, the raid dispersed and I left satisfied. A bit later, I put in some more 3s matches, getting past 1750 for the first time! We ended up finishing at 1728 for the night, but it’s good to see that we’re moving up.

My new Bulwark of Smoldering Steel. The icicles are a great touch.

On Sunday, the BG farming continued, and I finally got enough honor for my Wrathful Belt. Immediately after, we did some more 3s. That night, we got up to 1770, but we couldn’t keep it going. We finished at 1748 for the night. The 1800 rating is so close we can taste it, and it’ll only be one little push before we’re there. I also made a new alt on Sunday: Jabbathehunt, a hunter. Myself and a few other guildies are making some Star Wars themed alts; eventually, we’ll have a fully party. Bobathreat, Hearthvador, and Critfisto are the others so far, and it’ll be cool if we ever get them to 80. Monday was the day that I actually sat down and played Jabba for the first time, and I’ve been taking screenshots of every piece of gear. My plan is to get to 80, and then make a quick montage showing the change of gear. This is also the first time I’ve quested in Durotar, and so far, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. The starting zone isn’t too bad, but moving out to Echo Isles and Razor Hill… wow. I’ve seen better drop rates at a lottery. To get my eight Crawler shells, I probably had to kill 20+ monsters. Then, to get another four drops, I had to massacre another 10+ enemies, all of which were spread around. Maybe I’m unlucky, but damn. I’ve heard the trolls are going to take back the Echo Isles… good riddance. It’ll save everybody the trouble of questing there. So far, I’m at level 9, and the class seems pretty decent. I don’t have a pet, which will be game-changing, but I’ve got the basics down, at least so far.

Anyway, that’s everything for the last few days. I’ll probably do some more leveling this week, and, assuming I continue to do my daily dungeons, I should get my 264-level mail belt this Wednesday, which will mesh much better with my gear and get me out of the cloth I’ve got on right now. Now, if Putricide or Toravon would just drop my damn kilt…




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