A Grindy Week of WoW

3 03 2010

Between some alt-levelling, BG’ing, and Lunar Festival achievements, I’ve spent a lot of my time this week waiting around. Still, it’s been good, and I picked up my 264 belt to boot after Putricide didn’t drop my kilt. Again. This week for sure though… right?

Tuesday, I continued leveling Jabba up to 12, and I’m beginning to remember why I can never stick with an alt: I’ve done it all before. I mean, I’ve done the questing, and grinded out kills, and now I have Sayis, a character I’m immensely happy with. To do it all again is almost painful at times. Having to go to Undercity to learn how to use swords is annoying, ditto for having to go to Thunder Bluff to learn how to use a gun. I’m a hunter! Shouldn’t I just know that?! And the most annoying part: I had to run there. I’m suddenly happy mounts are obtainable at 20. There were a few cool things, though. I got my first pet while I was over at Undercity, a Worg. I hear they’re good for raiding, and I’ve christened him StarWolf. After getting Wolf, leveling accelerated to a pace I could scarcely believed possible… suddenly, I was killing three mobs at once! I had my own tank! He was doing good damage! If I actually put my mind to it, leveling Jabba will be cake. On a Sayis-related note, I ran 10/25 VoA, losing a roll on my Relentless legs. A few guildies grabbed some good gear though, which is always cool to see. Later in the night, some 3s saw us lose 13 rating, down to 1735.

Wednesday, I leveled Jabba up to 13 and raided ICC 10 on Sayis. We went through with clean kills on every boss except Putricide, who was a 3-shot; we had a few that hadn’t seen the fight all the way through, but they figured it out quickly and we brought him down. My kilt, of course, didn’t drop. I swear, someone at Blizzard doesn’t like me and wants me to wear my purple t9 leggings forever. I’ll have another shot next week, but damn is it annoying. After the raid, I did the Isle of Conquest daily; it took us two tries, since everybody on the Horde seems to hate defending. After bringing up the idea of countering the Alliance’s inevitable blitz to hangar, things went much better. Following that, I did some math about a few possible gear combinations, and decided to get my 264 frost emblem belt. This thing looks cool, and fits the t10 aesthetic very nicely.

The cool-blue Waistband of Despair, a nice complement to my shoulders.

On Thursday, the only thing of note was a Warsong Gulch, where I saw an incredible comeback. With our team down 0-2, we seemed ready to throw in the towel. Thanks to Blasphemy, a Shaman on Black Dragonflight, that didn’t happen. He carried our flag back as we somehow managed to kill their carrier, and we got some momentum back. People started sticking together, and the mood of the BG changed. We surged ahead, letting him cap another flag as we tried to kill the bear that had taken ours. Suddenly, in their own flag room, Blasphemy bit it. The druid was a few yards from capping, when a clutch Death Grip pulled him back. We killed him, and I picked up the Save the Day achievement. We’d go on to cap the next two, and win it 3-2. Very cool.

Friday, I finished up the Elders of Kalimdor for the Lunar Festival, and on Saturday, I did the Elders of the Alliance. I also picked up my Relentless Helm before leading an ICC 25. It went okay, especially considering that about 20 of the people in there were PuG’d out. We two-shotted Marrowgar and Deathwhisper and one-shotted the Gunship, but on Saurfang a healer left before we started crippled the raid. There were no replacements to be found, and we called it there. There was no loot to be found for me, but my guildies snagged a few, which is always nice.

Sunday we were back into ICC 10 for progression, only this week, I wasn’t our ranged tank: I was a healer. Craziness. I hadn’t healed in forever, and I ended up dropping 800g (ouch.) to enchant and gem up some new gear. We ended up wiping a few times due to some problems controlling the bombs and my replacement, a DK, having to figure out his part in the fight. But, we figured it out and got them down. We decided to give Dreamwalker some serious attempts, and man, what a cool fight to be a healer on. With the debuff stacked up on our best attempt, Healing Wave was hitting for 50k on a non-crit. Wow. We didn’t get her down (heal her up?), but it was a solid experience for my guild. We went away with some valuable experience, and I’m psyched to give it a try again, only in the shoes of a DPS instead.

On Monday, the only thing of note was some 3s late in the night. We started off at 1735, and started the night off on a bit of a losing streak. Finally, at 1701 rating, we decided to call it on our next loss. We ended up winning our next six matches in a row, including a thriller against a tree/lock/hunter for 19 rating to put us at 1776. A few matches later, we were in the 1780s, but that was our peak for the night. We ended up dropping to 1759, where we called it for the night. I’m excited to see what 3.3.3 will do for our team, since Ele Shamans/DKs are getting some decent buffs. I’d like to be 1800 before that, but we’ll see if it that finally puts us over the edge, and gets us those elusive 1800 level weapons.




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3 03 2010

I’m a long time lurker here and like your occassional updates. I actually picked up a PvE upgrade based on one of your comments. (Wrathful cloak)

Healing Valithria is much more fun than doing it as a dps. Ideally, you should take your strongest single target healer and your 3rd healer into the portals. Leave your strongest raid healer out.

As long as you have the correct kill order, you’ll hammer it out in no time. If you were impressed by your non-crit healing waves, you should look at your recount and look at your Ancestral Healing. I had a 51k Ancestral Healing even though my highest crit HW was only 50k. I’m still rocking T8.5 for my resto set.

I lead my raid who had never seen Valithria to a 2 shot kill after letting us wipe on the adds so that they’d see their abilities and develop the appropriate fear of them.

4 03 2010

Thanks for the tips dude, cool to hear you’ve been reading for awhile. We’re gonna be giving it another try this Sunday, I’ll make sure we give that healing combination a try.

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