I’m Feeling Lucky, Punk

4 03 2010

Why? Because of this:

Sanctified Gloves, courtesy of Toravon.

Tuesday was uneventful, but yesterday, as you can imagine, was anything but. I started the day off by running my random (H OK, surprise surprise), then joined a ToC 25 PuG, where, incredibly, I got a trophy. Woah. However, I ended up passing it over to a guildie alt, since my last piece of tier is my pants, and I don’t want any reason to hang onto those. We ended up getting to Anub’arak and then wiping a lot since our off-tank was unable to hold aggro, in part due to his skills and our higher-than-average ranged DPS. I took a break, then came back an hour before our raid and hopped into the VoA PuG above. Afterwards, in VoA 10, my normal Ele gloves dropped too. Go figure. Afterwards, myself and a few other guildies cleared out the trash in Ulduar for the Ignis raid weekly. We burned through that fast enough to get the speed-kill achievement on Ignis with only nine people present, then went to ICC.

I had to heal.

On the plus side, the 5% buff went live. On the other hand, I’d take a DPS spot over a healing spot any day of the week. Healing last night felt stressful and annoying, considering we were two-healing and that didn’t leave me a ton of margin for error. And of course, I was second place on every single fight. We one-shot every boss up to Rotface, whom we two-shotted, before three-shotting Putricide. For the fifth week now, my kilt didn’t drop. Damn. We ended up doing the Vykrul boss before calling it, since we didn’t have a third healer to do Princes or Dreamwalker.

All in all, it was a good day. I can’t remember the last time I got loot from Vault, and although ICC was annoying, well, I got a piece of Sanctified gear. How cool is that?




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