February/March To-Do List

5 03 2010

Why February/March? Because I’m dumb and I forgot to put it down in writing. Whoops. Anyway, in keeping with the format, I gotta see how January went:

  1. 1750 in 2s – Done
  2. Go 7/7 in ICC – and Done.

At the end of Season 7, I was actually up past 1800 in 2s. The Putricide kill was about as last minute as you can get, though; we took him down on January 31st. But hey, we’ve got him on farm now, although we’ve only managed to kill the Blood Princes since. Anyway for February I wanted to:

  1. Go 9/12 in ICC – We’re 8/12
  2. Hit 1800 in 3s – Close, but no cigar
  3. Obtain a piece of Sanctified gear – YES

Well, I only managed to achieve one of those goals, but I still feel good about February. Why? Because the one goal I achieved was a piece of Sanctified, and that one is more luck-based than anything. For the other two, well, we fell one boss shy and 20 rating short. But at the same time, we’ve had several sub-par raid setups going in, and hopefully that’ll change in March. Here’s what I wanna get done:

  1. Hit 1800 in 3s
  2. Go 10/12 in ICC
  3. Get Jabba to 20 (at least)

I’m thinking right now that Dreamwalker won’t be too hard, and that we can get through Blood Queen in a pretty quick manner. Leveling Jabba is going to be a simple matter of sitting down and going through the motions. With StarWolf at my side, though, it shouldn’t be too bad.




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