Ten Down, Two to Go

10 03 2010

It’s been a great few days of WoW. Why? On Saturday, I polished off the last of the dungeon Elders for my title. Follow that up with Sunday, we got our act together and downed Dreamwalker for the first time. After that, we strode over to the Crimson Halls for our attempts on Lana’thel, and voila: we had her dead in four attempts. In one night, we’ve gone from 8/12 to 10/12; now, all that’s left is Sindragosa and Arthas himself. I’m pumped. After the raid though, another first: we got to 1800 in 3s, and I picked up my dagger and shield. Very nice. With any luck, progression will continue at a decent pace and we’ll see Arthas shortly.

Thursday was a pretty lazy day, but I decided to go for the Friend or Fowl achievement since I’d been doing some questing in Howling Fjord. I took out the 15 chickens pretty easily, but was pleasantly surprised when about 30 Angry Chickens spawned and started attacking me, a la Zelda. Very funny. On Friday, the only thing I got done was my daily random, and on Saturday I ran around The Nexus, AN, and Zul’Farrak to finish off my Elder title. I’ll still be sticking with Challenger, but I guess it’s cool to have. Man though… “time consuming” would be a good description of the Lunar Festival achievements. The only redeeming part of running around Azeroth to find the 50+ elders was getting to see some old zones, and even that brought up some bad memories (ie Silithus).

Sunday, as I said above, was when we got down to business.  Our raid formed up, although some internet problems meant waiting almost an hour before we got our first attempts in on the Princes, who we one-shot with me as the ranged tank. Once that was down, it was off to Valithria Dreamwalker. The fight wasn’t too hard once we got it down, though; our Pally healer hit 15k HPS, and we took care of the adds no problem. The toughest to deal with were definitely the Bloodworms, whose nasty habit of killing the ranged DPS we had AoE’ing them down was solved by yours truly with an Earthbind totem. Valithria annihilating the remaining adds upon her awakening to cap the fight was a nice touch. With an hour left in our raid, we went back to the Crimson Halls to give Lana’thel a whirl. In hindsight, I really wish we’d tried her first, since that fight is easy. The encounter is almost a check of how well your raid can communicate: with a designated order on the bites, all we had to do was call out who we were going to bite. Our vent never got too chaotic, either; nobody stood in fires, and in the two minute window of 100% more damage, there was no problem figuring out who was biting whom. I don’t think we’ll have a problem clearing up to Sindragosa on our main night, and leaving plenty of time for that fight for progression.

We called it at midnight and with that over it was time for some 3s. We started off a bit rusty, since we hadn’t played for around a week, but improved quickly. We finally breached 1800 in a pretty dramatic match: at 1790, we came up against a Aff lock, Shadow Priest, and Resto Shaman at the Ring of Valor. In other words, huge burst with no good way to LoS. We started out by running to the left pillar as it rose up, but when it went down, we were forced to go toe-to-toe with their team. After putting up some good damage on the Warlock, we did a hard switch to their Shaman healer; I was purging, and the Lightning Bolts I put downrange overloaded and hit him as he ran back into LoS. We did just enough damage, though; the Shaman went down. With their healer out, it was a simple matter to take out the rest of their team, and the victory gave us sixteen rating to put us at 1806. Awesome. After picking up my weapons, I did a partial Isle and a WSG to help grind honor for my teammates. Already, I’m liking what I see; more health and damage, and I like to think I’m more intimidating as well. We wrapped it up there for the night, and I went to sleep happy.

My Wrathful Dagger (with Black Magic) and Shield. Much better.

On Monday, I leveled up Jabba to 17, after questing in the Barrens and running an RFC courtesy of the Dungeon Finder. I’m still a Rainbow Warrior, though, with gear so mismatched it’s funny. At this point, I’ve got green hot pants (seriously, they’re short, I’m an Orc, it’s awkward), a red shirt, brown boots, and a purple cape. Yikes. It makes me appreciate my t10 gear that much more, purple pants excluded. I’ve come to realize that it’s hard for me to sit down a level an alt every single day; I need a few days of breaks here and there. Tuesday brought on a VoA 25 run (no loot for me) and, at last, the Bloodthirsty Berserker achievement in Eye of the Storm. Now all I’ve gotta do is win 64 more matches and I’m a Master… easy? I also snagged one of the books for the Higher Learning achievement by complete luck, so who knows, maybe by the end of the expansion I’ll have collected ’em all.

Oh, and as a final note, two other things. First, I got the To All The Squirrels I’ve Loved Before achievement on Sunday as well with my free time before the raid. Second, I’m a terrible Shaman. Why? Because I just now realized you can turn your four totems into a single one. Furthermore, you don’t even need that! This was pointed out to me after I realized this upon doing a low-level quest. Wow. I think I even remember reading about that, and then just moving on, since this change apparently took place months ago. Yeaaaah… I’ve been wasting four bag slots all that time.

Go me.




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