Things are Heating Up…

14 03 2010

First off, I didn’t get my kilt from Putricide. Not because it drop, but because we couldn’t down him. For whatever reason, we just weren’t on our A-game, and we couldn’t get him down before midnight. The reason it took us that long to get there in the first place was that, rather than start off with our 10-man, we decided to go ahead and run a 25 man ICC Wednesday. Since we were pugging, you guessed it, I ended up leading. This week, however, was an extremely successful PuG. Having two tanks from my guild made a huge difference, and bringing a couple of our own healers didn’t hurt either. Top that off with the 5% buff and we breezed through the first quarter, and even managed to get the Deathwhisper raid weekly done. Saurfang was even a one-shot, and marked the first time I’ve managed to kill him in 25-man leading my own raid. Afterwards, our good luck ran out, with a couple people leaving the raid. We couldn’t find any replacements (who wants to come to a non-fresh run?) and attempted to kill Festergut with only 23. That didn’t work out, so we called our 25-man and jumped right into ICC 10. We killed all the way up to Putricide without a hitch, but some RNG took us out on the attempts we put in. Example: two goo puddles go out, one on me, and one to my right in phase 2. I respond by running forward and left, just as the brown ooze spawns. It targets me, our healers can’t respond quick enough, bam, I’m dead. Something similar happened on another try. Even better: our priest goes down, gets a B-rez. He spawns back, far away from Putricide, and gets pegged by a Malleable Goo that had already been in the air as the B-rez wen’t out, dying instantly. We couldn’t kill Putricide, and despite me having more than enough Emblems of Frost, I’m not spending them until I know if he’ll drop my Kilt. This is made worse by the fact that I can’t make Sunday’s raid, where I’m willing to bet it’ll drop like it’s hot. Damn.

The days since then have been pretty lazy… I’ve leveled Jabba up to 21 with a combination of questing and the Dungeon Finder, and wow, what a difference a mount makes. I’d also forgotten how cool it was to get shoulders for the first time, and to start equipping not-crappy weapons, something the Dungeon Finder has made much easier. Now I’m out of the Barrens and onto Ashenvale, a nice change of environment. Another thing I like about leveling Jabba is how much more laid back it is than the endgame. I’m not trying to put out 7k DPS while avoiding fires, bombs, goo, or anything else. I’m just running around with a wolf, taking out Plainstriders, Elves, or Goblins, or running through an Old World instance. It’s a much chiller game.

I've got shoulders, dual wielding, and a mount... Life is good.

And, on the subject of Old World Azeroth, I also ran through Molten Core today for the first time. If I had to use a word to describe it, that word would be “big” or “sprawling.” I can see why, with 40 players running through there, but damn. I can’t even imagine gearing up for that content, much less getting attuned. Life at the original endgame would’ve been ridiculous. Also, the sheer number of bosses was nuts, not to mention the fact that there are no teleporters, no clearly marked wings, and the fact that over half of the bosses in there are just normal creature models scaled up and given a fancy name. Laaaaame. It was cool, though, to see Majordomo Executus, the guy my server was named after, even though he got taken out like a chump by Ragnaros. Ragnaros himself was a really epic lookin’ dude, and he absolutely towered over everything. His chamber, too, was coolly design, with the lava spiraling towards where he was summoned in.

The Epicness that is Ragnaros. Wow.

Of course, we made quick work of the guy, since he wasn’t designed with 80s in mind.

Me, hurling a rather insignificant-looking Lightning Bolt towards Ragnaros.

Ragnaros defeated, with his mace as the only memoir left.

As a final thought, I was struck by how hard and tedious MC would’ve been back at the original endgame. Getting forty people together would’ve been bad enough (getting twenty five that aren’t bad is a hassle as it is), but then going through all of that? That would’ve taken hours, to say nothing of getting attuned. The Executus fight would’ve required coordination with CCs, along with a raid comp that could handle it. Follow that up with Ragnaros and his ridiculous amount of health (1.1 mil compared to a few hundred thousand for other bosses) and the fire resistance raids would’ve needed, and it’s headaches all around. Yeesh. I wasn’t around for Vanilla, but going through that, I don’t think I missed too much.




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