Two Busy Weeks

27 03 2010

Business in and out of WoW. In the last two weeks, I bought my fifth piece of t10 and sanctified my third. I also managed to get exalted with the Kalu’ak (finally!), grabbing the Mastercraft rod and the pet to boot, all while finishing up quests in Howling Fjord to become Loremaster of Northrend. At the same time, 3.3.3 has dropped, and naturally, I’ve been farming BGs like there’s no tomorrow. Yikes.

Outside of an ICC 25, last week was pretty uneventful. This was due to Saint Patrick’s Day falling on a Wednesday. With most of my guild being either collegiate or older, well, that meant no raid day, which was fine with me. Then, my GM’s computer died; he’s also our main tank, and that meant no guild raid on Sunday, either. I spent the week doing my daily random, and the occasional BG or Kalu’ak rep quest. I also spent time running through Howling Fjord, getting halfway through the zone by the end of the week, and seeing some pretty cool quests. Notably, I got to see my Inner Turmoil (he was defeated quickly) before getting a slow fall buff, and then jumping off the mountain I was on. So cool! I also took the time to run a couple guildies through BRD, using my mole machine to get us there; it was a quick, fun run.

Rockin' full t10 at last!

Facing down my Inner Turmoil

It's a long way down...

Sitting like a King in BRD

The weekend arrived, though, and with that came the ICC 25. Hoo boy. The week’s lack of excitement was instantly made up for when not one, but two Marks of the Protector dropped.

I then proceeded to roll in the mid-70s, good enough for third place. This was followed by a long sigh, a face palm, and immediate offers on the Mark.

At that point, things turned around. I ended up talking directly to the guy I was bidding against, and I paid out a whopping 7.5k g for the Mark, leaving me with only 500. However, I’ve got this to say right now: completely worth it. Why? Because I got the Sanctified helm, and man do I look cool.

My Sanctified Helm, in glorious high quality graphics

Once again: completely worth it. This is only the second time I’ve cranked my graphics up to high for a screen shot (the first was for my Mechano-hog), and you can’t see it here, but I’m chugging along at around 2fps. Awesome. I put off buying the Quill until next week, opting instead to sell a couple Primordial Saronites and complete a round of Argent Dailies to bring me back up to around 3k g; I’ve found that having less than 1000 is a terrible feeling.

Moving on, I ran an ICC 10 with a PuG (they only got the first four down, surprise surprise) and did little else until 3.3.3 dropped on Tuesday. Verdict with the patch so far: very cool. The Random BG Finder has made getting into BGs a few minutes faster, and a lot more rewarding, although I’ve gotten Strand and Arathi Basin far more than any other BG. Either way, the biggest difference so far? The ease at which honor is obtainable. 6k honor from the first win, followed by 4k afterwards? I remember when I was ecstatic at seeing 2k from an Alterac Valley, and that took fifteen minutes of que time, followed by thirty of hard fighting. Now… wow. Just wow. They’ve already made it cake to get into a full set of Furious gear. If this doesn’t drive a few people into the Arena, I don’t know what will. It’s also interesting to note that epic gems have seen a price drop already on my server; getting an epic with 10k honor no longer means doing 10 BGs, it means doing 2. I’ve personally already sold about 1000g worth of gems, simply because PvP’ing is way more fun than questing. The only other things of note recently have been a couple achievements; I finally picked up Warsong Expedience, and I ran ZA awhile with a few friends too. There was some pretty cool looking Shaman gear in there, and the troll aesthetic is something Blizzard doesn’t do often with gear. Coming off the ice, bone, and otherwise dark coloring of Northrend gear, it was a refreshing change. I’ve also been enjoying the slight DPS bump from 3.3.3, and I’ve swapped out my Flame Shock glyph for Glyph of Lava. So far, it’s looking like a 200, maybe 300 increase, and the ability to crit on a FS tick has been cool for PvP. Having Elemental Oath as a passive buff is also nothing to complain about. So far, 3.3.3 is shaping up to be one of Blizzard’s better minor releases.




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