Two Days, Six Raids

30 03 2010

Blech. So, my entire weekend was homework, WoW, eating, and sleeping. Saturday began with a ToC 25, probably the smoothest I’ve ever been in. We one-shot every boss, nobody died, and the average DPS was around 6-7k, with our lowest hovering at 5. Unfortunately, my cloak and Reign of the Dead didn’t drop (again). I did manage to win another trophy, which I sold for 150g, and we also got Salt and Pepper 25-man with time to spare. All in all, it was a good run, and it only took forty minutes, so no complaints here! Later that night I joined what looked to be a good ICC 25, and I wasn’t disappointed as we downed the first four bosses along with the raid weekly. However, we ground to a halt after that. It was sort of sad, really, as much as I hate the Gearscore addon, well, everybody had one of 5.5k or above. But many of the people in the raid had never seen past the first four bosses, meaning out attempts in the Plague Quarter were fruitless. Dreamwalker, too, wasn’t saved because our healers couldn’t get the job done. On top of that, there were no Marks of the Protector, meaning I’ve gotta wait at least another week to get a shot at one. I closed out the night with, surprisingly enough, Zul’aman and Ulduar 10. ZA was fun as usual, since a few friends and I have been putting together a troll set for the upcoming Sen’jin event. Ulduar 10 was where the real action was though, as my guild decided to do some spontaneous achievements, and I ended up having to heal. Lame. What followed was us doing XT, Kologarn, Iron Council, Auriaya, Hodir, and Thorim hard modes, all of which were cake. I also picked up the quest to get to Algalon, and my eventual Starcaller title. Since I’m dumb, the hard modes we did on Hodir and Thorim didn’t count towards the quest, since I didn’t turn it in… yeah. It’s alright since we’ll be back there for some extra achievements later, but it’s still annoying to have messed it up. I went to bed satisfied, and a little nostalgic. Ulduar was, and still is, my favorite instance in the game.

On Sunday, I did something a little different: a Halaa world PvP event. Someone over on my server had organized both Horde and Alliance players, and we were going to grind out some kills to get enough Halaa Battle Tokens to buy the Dark Talbuk mounts. This seemed to be the only chance I’d ever have to see the mounts, so I took it. It ended up being pretty cool/well-organized, despite some annoyances. Namely, a second group forming to steal kills from the main raid that made the whole thing last twice as long. The event took about an hour and a half, and I got some cool screenshots to show for it too.

The Horde force at Halaa

A view from above

Even more people, stacked in the sky

The battle afterwards, post-charge.

Afterwards, I got to be the guy who led the Horde as both sides charged at one-another. Needless to say, it ended poorly for me. But it was really cool to see a mass of people following, and we won the fight. Pre-charge, everyone with a ‘hog was even lined up in a V-formation. Awesome.

Sunday finished up, of course, with our ICC 10 raid. Notably, I finally got enough emblems to get Maghia’s Misguided Quill, replacing my Elemental Focus Stone from Ulduar and allowing me to take out my hit cape, and replace it with my Wrathful PvP one. As for the Quill itself, I’m enjoying it thus far. 700 extra spellpower, combined with Elemental Mastery or Bloodlust (or both!) packs quite a punch. We went through ICC scoring one-shots up through the Plague Quarter and Dreamwalker. Our good fortune ended at the Princes and Blood Queen, however; we took out the Princes after a few attempts, but some bad RNG (including one of our healers DC’ing) combined with our raid starting an hour later than usual meant that Lana’thel survived the night. As usual, none of the pieces I was looking for dropped; the hit cloak from Dreamwalker, cloth bracers from Rotface, and that elusive kilt from Putricide were all no-shows. Lame. Still, we’re saving the ID, and should be making our attempts on Sindragosa this Wednesday, and hopefully, the Lich King by Sunday. Kingslayer Sayis has a nice ring to it…

Finally, yesterday. The only thing that went on was a random dungeon and BG, followed by a foray in Black Rock Spire, since I want to get it done for the achievement. I also picked up some quests for the instance, figuring a few more towards Loremaster wouldn’t hurt while I was in the area. Ugh, what a mistake. BRS is probably the most confusingly laid-out instance in the history of ever. Trying to do some quests, I read online and found out I’d missed an item back by the start, and I had a poison debuff that I couldn’t cleanse since I had to be… milked… for the quest. Yeah. I’m a Tauren. That makes it worse. I ended up getting a pet spider from one quest, but it was the dialogue from the milking quest (Mother’s Milk) that made up for BRS’s annoyingness.

“Milk me, John.” “With pleasure… just let me savor this moment for a minute longer.” “Do it… do it now.”

Oh Blizzard.




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