Disheartening Defeats

6 04 2010

In the last week, I have done a ton of stuff in WoW. I’ve cleared out UBRS, gotten the Jenkins title and a new pet, saved a ToC 25 run, wiped (and then defeated) Sindragosa, and gotten 10/12 Ironbound (yes, Ironbound) Proto Drake achievements done. Lets put it this way: enough happened that this will be the first of two posts.

On Tuesday I sat down and committed myself to going into UBRS and clearing the place out. What followed was an excruciatingly long, painful, and confusing run. Even trying to find the entrance was annoying. And when you can’t figure out where to walk in, well, it doesn’t help the rest of the instance. The whole place was confusingly laid-out, and getting through (and getting my quests done) meant using a map and plenty of reading on Wowhead. I even died on General Drakkisath when I pulled him without clearing the room, which promptly aggroed onto me. COOL. I did get a Worg Pup pet and the Jenkins title, but even that didn’t go smoothly. Why? Because the first time when I pulled the room, I went inside, hatched all the eggs, and then realized I’d bitten off more than I could chew, and died. FUN. I ran back, pulled a bit less, then threw a magma totem. I clicked Fire Nova as the totem ticked, saw a bunch of big numbers and my game literally stopped due to the graphical strain. I dc’d, logged back in, and saw my corpse on the ground. GREAT. I self rezzed, pulled 2/3 of the room, tossed the totem, and made sure I was zoomed as far out as possible to lessen the strain. The third time was the charm, and I got my Jenkins title, before going through and then wanting to gouge my eyes out from having to deal with UBRS. Now I’m done with it, though, so good riddance. Hopefully I can get Loremaster without having to set foot in a dungeon. I finished the night up with a VoA 25 (nothing dropped) and some BGs.

On Wednesday, I joined up a ToC 25 that was forming, since I’ll be damned if I don’t at least try to get Reign of the Dead. We went through pretty quickly, and lo and behold, the cape from Faction Champs dropped. I rolled a 68, good enough to beat a 67… for second place. Damn. However, the first place roller ended up passing because of the hit on the cape, and I was more than happy to pick it up. We cleared up to Anub’arak, where, and I know this sounds arrogant, I singlehandedly saved the raid. How? One of the adds didn’t get picked up by the off-tank, and burrowed. Uh oh. As he picked up the next two, it came back up, and suddenly he was tanking all three. His health went from 100%, to 75, to 50, to 25, to 1%, and at that moment, I Thunderstormed all the adds away. One of the adds took that opportunity to burrow, the tank got healed to 100%, and he tanked the remaining two with no problems. The big add unburrowed during Anub’s underground phase, and was promptly tanked and killed. Reign didn’t drop, but I was immensely satisfied with my how I’d handled the situation. Later that night, we went to progression. I wish I could say it went as smoothly as the ToC.

I wish I could say that it was really great… unfortunately, it wasn’t too awesome. We started off forty minutes late because a raider got new gear, and had to resocket almost all of his gems. He’d put that off until the raid was beginning. Great. So, we started forty minutes late, and on Lana’thel, where we left off, bam, we wipe. Now, a couple guildies end up getting into a fight, which smoulders for the remaining time in the raid; more on that in a bit. The attempts we put down on Sindragosa afterward got progressively better, but were plagued by disconnects, poor movement, and more. One of our healers would d/c every attempt, which meant that we were essentially trying to 9-man (and 2 heal) a progression boss. Eventually, we managed to get a replacement, and we got the firs two phases down. However, upon getting to phase three, all hell broke loose. People would get an ice block, and not run out, wiping the raid. If they did run out, there was no guarantee that their block would get broken. Our best attempt got her to 15%, but man, it was a long night. We called it for the night at around 1 am, feeling pretty unsatisfied. Our officer chat afterwards was a more intense one than usual; the fight was mentioned, as were the delays in getting started, and our resolution to keep that from happening again. And after this, I got to talk to one of the guildies who’d been in the fight, and had taken it pretty poorly. That lasted another hour. I logged off feeling pretty disheartened that night.




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