A Quick Rebound

8 04 2010

I got up on Thursday with a pretty cruel April Fool’s Joke (one of our core officers said he was quitting), which I completely believed because a) I’m dumb and b) it was early. It was a relief to hear otherwise, and that was the only thing of note on Thursday outside of absolutely wrecking some BGs. Friday was a good day, though. A couple guildies and I joined an ICC 25, and wow, I had some good luck! No, I didn’t win a Mark of the Protector (I rolled 2nd place again!), but I did get ilvl 264 healing legs, Marrowgar’s hit ring, and even better: a BoE from the raid weekly quest, the Carapace of Forgotten Kings. Wow. The going price on the Auction House was a whopping 8200g. Yikes! I promptly put it up for 8k, and after a few BGs, went to sleep.

Saturday marked the start of Easter weekend, and I ended up spending it at school. Since all my friends were at home for Easter, well, lots of WoW. WoW overload, even. And given how much I play, that says something. I started off the morning with some BGs, and was pleasantly surprised to see that my auction had sold. After receiving the 7600g (the AH took a 400g cut. Daaaamn.), I was sitting pretty at over 17k g. That evaporated when, at long last, I picked up a Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth. That thing is huge and awesome, and having a couple vendors wherever I go has already proven to be extremely convenient. I was spending my time in between BGs doing some quests and farming up Ohsu’gun powder in Nagrand, which meant my bags were filling up pretty quickly. Not a problem, though; thanks to my Tundra Mammoth, I could sell my excess anywhere I wanted. Cool.

16,000 gold later, I'm sitting atop my mammoth. Worth it.

The big deal with Saturday came later in the afternoon. Sieben, one of the better guilds on my server, announced they were doing an Ironbound Proto Drake run. I jumped on the opportunity, and got one of the last spots. Every single raider was decked out in ICC 10/25 gear, and we began to slog through the instance. We spent hours going through, and each boss went down after one or two attempts. We finally called it after downing Auriaya, and resolved to pick up the run Sunday. After grabbing some dinner, I sat down for some more BGs with my guildies. It was a long, but fun day.

Sunday, I actually did homework throughout the morning, then logged on for the mid-afternoon continuation of the Ironbound run. We started off with Firefighter, and yikes… that fight is pretty ridiculous. Even with full t10, I was taking a pounding, and I had my fair share of deaths. I can’t even picture doing that fight in t8, and it took us over an hour before we got him down. On our kill, we got him with less than half of the raid alive; I managed to survive, and I actually popped Lust a second time so that our Brez’d players could use the effects again. It was extremely satisfying, and a very cool fight. We continued onward, defeating Freya, Hodir, and Thorim. At that point, however, my luck ran out: the raid wanted to continue on to Vezax and Yogg, and I had to leave for our progression attempts. It was a terrible feeling, but I left the raid two achievements shy of an Ironbound Proto Drake. I was told they’d be doing another run in a couple weeks, but man. I know my guild comes first, but it was uncool to have to leave so close to success.

This week’s progression, we used a different strategy. We tanked Sindragosa facing the stairs of the room, so we had more room to maneuver around. Additionally, we decided to position both ice blocks in Phase 3 on the left, rather than spreading one on the right and one on the left. We got off to a rough start, but got better and better with each attempt. Finally, two hours in, with two of our DPS down, Sindragosa fell. Our raid was weakening, and with our last gasp we managed to get the kill. That meant, at long last, it was time to face down the Lich King himself. We put in two attempts Sunday, getting through phase one before dying in the transition phase. It didn’t help that most of our raid hadn’t seen the fight, and we were happy just to get Sindragosa down. Afterwards, you guessed it, I did a couple BGs then went to bed. Monday was uneventful, but man, I’ve been busy in Azeroth. I can only hope that we make progress on Arthas, and that I get another shot at that Ironbound Drake.




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