Progression Delayed

11 04 2010

So, we were supposed to get Arthas this week; it didn’t happen. Not because we weren’t competent, but because we didn’t even get the chance at some attempts. Read on.

Monday and Tuesday weren’t too crazy; all I managed to do were a couple randoms and some BGs. I was looking forward to Wednesday, of course, since it was going to be our first night of serious Lich King attempts. I ended up running late, and texted/called my raid leader to let him know… everything seemed cool. I logged on to find myself as our 10th person, and in the midst of some heavy talk in officer chat. Our raid lead/main tank had had a bad day, and from what I managed to piece together, myself and a few others logging on at the last moment had put him over the edge. He logged off, insisting that a different guildie could tank Arthas. Uh, okay. His loss put us short a tank, and we weren’t going to get anywhere without him. Instead, I took up the task of leading an ICC 25, which actually went really well. We advanced through the first four bosses, and I even got passed  the Amulet of Silent Eulogy from a guildie who won. My luck ran out there though; I came in second place for not one, but two Marks of the Protector. I resisted the temptation to ninja them, though, and they got looted out correctly. We finished up the night with a few half-hearted attempts on Dreamwalker, but people leaving after the first four bosses was enough to seal the deal. Getting the Amulet was a nice win, though, and it’s opened up some new options for gearing up. With that and the hit cape from ToC 25, I’ve started to look at crafting a pair of Lightning-Infused Leggings. Previously, their model was purple, and reminiscent of my t9 gear. Since looking good is paramount to me, I’d just planned to sanctify my t10 legs. However, since 3.3.3 dropped, they’ve had their model changed to that of Shaman t10. The hit/haste combinations on the cape and necklace would work well to replace the hit/crit found on my tier piece. Assuming I end up crafting the Infused Leggings, I’d be up 76 spellpower and 87 haste, and down 59 crit, a tradeoff I’d be happy to make. The material costs mean that I’ll have to wait until next week, but I don’t mind. Once I get those, all I’ll need will be one Mark for full Sanctified t10!

Thursday was pretty sparse for WoW, but Friday/Saturday were a blast. On Friday, I joined a ToC 25 which, predictably, couldn’t kill Anub-arak in one shot; half the raid deserted afterwards. Later that night, myself and four other guildies went to Stormwind, queuing up for BGs and harassing the Alliance while we waited. The five of us killed bankers, auctioneers, players… everybody that got in our way, basically. It was only when they formed up and outnumbered us that we finally fell, but a walk back from the graveyard continued this cycle for hours. It was a good, chill time, and there were a few classic moments there as well. My favorite of the night: a level 15 Paladin came up, and killed one of my totems, flagging himself for PvP. You can imagine how that ended for him. This all happened during a melee by the bridge into Stormwind, and was one of the funnier moments of our excursion.

Saturday, I sat down and leveled Jabba to 24 with the Dungeon Finder and some questing in Ashenvale. Notably, despite the finder being random, we got Stormwind Stockades four times in a row. Not only is that place extremely mundane, nobody drops loot. Greaaaaat. Later on, I got back on Sayis to kill Yogg/Algalon with Sieben for the Ironbound achievements. Except, we couldn’t kill Yogg. In fact, we couldn’t even get past phase two. Our melee seemed unable to get the brain phase down, and we wiped up time and again due to this fact. We called it, and I logged, before getting on later in the evening for a few BGs before bed.

Overall, the week’s been a bit disappointing. We didn’t even attempt the Lich King, I didn’t win a fourth Mark, didn’t get a chance at Reign, and didn’t kill Yogg in Ulduar. Battling through Stormwind, leading a successful ICC 25 and some good times in BGs were upsides, though, and I’m confident we’ll put in some good attempts on the Lich King later today.

Assuming, of course, that we attempt it at all :/




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