Practice and Progression

15 04 2010

So, I definitely jynxed myself on Sunday. Our main tank couldn’t make it back in time to raid after a lacrosse tournament, and we decided to do a fresh run instead. We also ended up having to run with a couple guildies from our non-core, with our replacement pally tank being in mostly t7.

It was the smoothest run we’ve ever had.

We got started forty minutes late after trying, to no avail, to save our former raid so that we could start on Arthas come Wednesday. We couldn’t get any alts saved, and then we realized that the tank/raid lead we were missing could fulfill the same purpose. Dur. So, we strove onward, with comfortable one-shots through the first quarter. I was waiting pretty anxiously for the Plague quarter, though; our offtank’s gear might not hold up as well there. Truth be told, he did die once on Festergut, although his role was quickly picked up as our feral druid went Bear form and off-tanked in his stead. We one-shot Fester and Rotface with our Pally OT, and then Bear-tanked Putricide. Although my Kilt didn’t drop (seventh time a row) I actually got the Ether Soaked Bracers from Rotface. Cool. We moved on after that to Dreamwalker, where I went Resto and we plowed through the boss, with myself and our pally healer hitting around 14k and 18k HPS respectively. We had twenty minutes left and we hurried over to the Blood Princes, where we tried a new tactic primarily because of our undergeared off-tank. Rather than 3-tank the fight, we 2-tanked. We had a DK strap on tanking/PvP gear for our ranged tank, and then had our MT pick up both of the other bosses. This freed up a ton of room to maneuver in, and our healers only had to concentrate on healing two tanks intead of three. I got to be in charge of keeping the bombs from dropping; compared to ranged tanking, this was cake. Our new strategy ended up working great, and just like that, we had another one-shot. Our time to end the raid was approaching fast, but we decided to go on for a single attempt on Blood Queen. We figured out the order we wanted, started off, and took her down without a problem. So, in the space of two hours, we killed all ten of our usual bosses, with a less-than-ideal comp. I think the pace we moved surprised all of us; had it been a normal raid night, that would’ve meant we still had two hours for progression. At that point, though, we finally called it. I was proud of my guild, and the progress we’d made since the start of ICC.

I did just a little bit more that night before hitting the hay. The run through ICC 10 had given me an unexpected boost in both gold and Frost emblems, and I got down to crafting my Lightning-Infused Leggings. I spent two hours spamming Trade chat looking for four Primordial Saronites and then a crafter to make the Leggings. I finally got ‘em made though, and I’m happy I did:

Four down, one to go.

Just one more Mark, and I’ll be icy-blue all over. The last three days have been sparse as far as playtime has gone; on Monday, I did some 3s (none of us were feeling it, but we needed our ten matches, and we tanked 60 rating), and on Tuesday I logged on for the daily random and little else. I did manage to fight the Lich King for all of thirty minutes on Wednesday so that was a plus. I’d been unable to make our raid time this week, but one of our ranged left a half hour early. So, I got brought in, and we promptly got killed in phase two over and over again. Defileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. That debuff is terribad. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, but in the meantime… yech. Back to the wipefest that is progression raiding.

Come hell or high water though, I will get Arthas down. Game time.




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