20 04 2010

Man, don’t you just hate it when your guild stumbles? Fights that you’ve blown by in weeks past come up and give you trouble, and you can’t figure out why. Over the weekend, that was the story of our ICC progression. The first hour and a half were clumsy attempts that didn’t get us out of phase one. Yech.

The last few days, minus Saturday and Sunday, were ordinary. Thursday and Friday both consisted of a random dungeon, followed by a random BG. I know, crazy times. Saturday, things picked up. I logged on around noon, and promptly joined an ICC 25 with some guildies. It was a good run, and we went through the first four bosses without any problems. Predictably, though, things fell apart afterwards. We couldn’t get through Festergut, and I’ve started to realize that it’s a fight where individual responsibility is paramount. People don’t need to think on their own for the first four; they just need to do some minimal movement, and switch to an add when required to. On Fester, movement and positioning is key, and missing a spore can be raid-ending. We had a Hunter who ruined the attempts each time, positioning poorly, not moving his spore, and doing 2.4k DPS. Yeesh. I left and logged, before coming back later in the afternoon and saddling up, once again, for Ironbound Drake achievements. I only need the last two; however, to lock in my spot I needed to be present the whole time. So I demo-gunned through Flame Leviathan (goggles didn’t drop), waited patiently through Razorscale, and DPS’d hard through Ignis and XT. I’ll admit, I was only half-playing through trash pulls, as I threw out a few Chain Lightnings and a Magma Totem before alt-tabbing to surf the web. There were a few highlights from the run, though. Notably, I discovered that if someone on a Mammoth gets Baby Spiced, it won’t scale up, leading to this:

Looking straight-faced and serious. Also ridiculous.

We finished up the run that day with the Iron Council and Kologarn, capping off the two-and-a-half hour run. I ended the night with some BGs before heading to bed.

Sunday, I logged on mid-afternoon for a continuation of Ulduar. Unfortunately, because our group couldn’t get their act together and we had limited time, we didn’t get Mimiron or Freya down. Firefighter is still hard, but Three Knocks is doable. Instead, we took out Thorim and Hodir, along with Auriaya, and looked to finish the run next Saturday. That’s fine with me; it means that, unlike the last time, I won’t miss out on Vezax. Ulduar ended, and after an hour, it was time for ICC progression. Or, in our case, regression. We got stuck in phase one, due to poor movement, adds not being picked up, or main tank dying, not cleansing quickly enough… you name it. Every problem we could’ve possibly had, we had. We managed to pick things up, though. We positioned ourselves closer to our off-tank, so we’d need less time on the move. We called out adds, and I threw out a Thunderstorm to knock them back where needed. We assigned a specific healer for cleanses, and tightened up the entire phase. Finally, we transitioned smoothly from phase one to two, where we died repeatedly. Again. We lacked the stuns, slows, or maybe just the coordination required for the Val’kyrs. Toss in Defile, and we were wiping it up. A lot. We called it eventually after we ceased making progress in phase two. ICC will be fresh this Wednesday, so we won’t be doing any Lich King attempts (probably), but our plan is to get there at the very least. I hope we can pull that off, since we’ll need all the time we can get on Arthas.




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