What is this blog about?
This blog follows my life in Azeroth on a day-to-day basis, along with raiding strategies and tips on how to play an endgame Ele/Resto Shaman thrown in. What I do, cool stuff that happens, me getting ganked, class changes, raiding strategies and my thoughts on all of it will all be here.

What characters do you have, and what’s your realm?

My main character is a level 80 Tauren Shaman, Sayis. I’m specced as an Elemental Shaman, bringing some ranged DPS, totem buffs, and of course, Bloodlust to our raids. My main alt is Mahru, a Bear Druid. Other alts include Toreck and Jabbathehunt, although they’ve both stalled out in the mid-20s, and probably won’t go much further for a long, long time. All my characters are on Executus.

What do you do in real life?
In real life, I’m a junior in college, going into Economics. When I’m not hanging out with my friends or running around Azeroth I like watching hockey, listening to Alternative Rock, and reading books.


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